17 September 2012

dear yahoos

I posted this on my Facebook page.  Some folks need to start living in the now world and not in their so called "honorable" holier than thou world.

Dear Yahoos Offended by a Stupid YouTube Video:

I'm sorry you were offended by the YouTube video; even though I've not watched it, I'm certain that I too would be offended. But this is the USA and we do have freedom of speech. You may not like what some Americans have to say, (hell at times, even I don't) but that i
s OUR right as Americans. When we're in your country, we'll play by your rules, but when in our country we play by OUR rules.

*I'm* offended that you think killing innocent people, burning our flag, and threatening "Death on Americans" is the way you choose to voice your displeasure at ONE man's opinion. I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find a gazillion other "Anti-Prophet Mohammed" videos. You probably won't have to look very hard and you might find some Anti-Jesus Christ, Anti-Buddha, Anti-Insert-Religion-Of-Choice-Here videos. Most people are intelligent enough to know that just because one man says or does something, it doesn't necessarily mean the entire country in which he resides believes the same thing. We all have brains and, for the most part, can think for ourselves and form our own opinion.

Maybe you should worry about the evils within your own countries, and quit worrying about what those in other countries might or might not think about your Prophet Mohammed. Frankly, the majority of us really don't care one way or the other about your religious beliefs.

An American Who Is Offended By Your Barbaric Actions

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