26 May 2010

cool finds

In anticipation of a Memorial Day weekend road trip I was gathering some CDs for the journey.  We always have tunage on road trips.  And road food.  Gotta have tunes and food.  Usually both categories are filled with things out of the "norm" of my everyday life.  I don't eat Twizzlers or Pringles on a regular basis and don't usually listen to Disturbed or Green Day.  On road trips though, anything goes!

Soooo... in preparation for the upcoming trip I sorted through my CD collection.  I have six CD binders.  And they are all filled to capacity.  Roughly there are over 1400 CDs in the collection.  Which means there are lot to choose from and can make decision making hard.  What sounds good on a Tuesday night might not be what I'm in the mood for on Friday night.  So I fill two travel cases with CDs.  I think this will give us about 30 or 40 to choose from.

BUT that's not the point of this post...

In rummaging through the collection I found some songs I didn't know I had.  Most of the CDs have the liner notes stored behind them with the songs listed.  This go 'round I actually took the time to read some of those to see if there was anything on some of the more obscure discs that might trip my trigger.  Lo and behold there was!

One of them is Baz Luhrmann's "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen."  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to have found that song.  It came out during a pivotal time in my life and seemed oh-so appropriate then.  Yes, I know the lyrics are actually taken from a column written by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune in 1997 titled, "Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young."  Regardless of where the lyrics originated or your age, the song is oh-so apropos for anyone.

Another find was "When Will I See You Again" by the Three Degrees.  Hearing this song takes me back to my first "love."  The song came out in 1974 but I remember listening to it a couple of years later when my then "boyfriend" joined the army and moved to Texas.  He would come back periodically, but not surprisingly a long distance relationship while a sophomore in high school wasn't meant to last.

The song still takes me back to those days.  I can see myself sitting in my room listening to the song over and over and dreaming and wishing him back home.  Ah, the joys of young love...

remember 45s?!

I'm really looking forward to this road trip and hearing all the awesome tunage I discovered.  Hope Heather will enjoy it as much as I will.  Maybe she'll get a "mom" autobiography as we tootle down the road...