19 January 2011


There are some folks out there who have referred to me as OCD.  Mostly in a joking manner.  Mostly.

I know I have issues with having a clean house.  (It's a nice house – I'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much.)  We can blame a lot of it on my mom.  There were times we girls were down on our hands and knees cleaning the baseboards with Q-Tips.  No, I am not kidding.  As OCD as I can be, I've never been that bad.

So, I thought I'd share some of my OCD tendencies with you.  Probably some of you have the same compulsions.  Or not.

  • The toilet paper roll must always be left with fully intact new sheet all neat and tidy like.  No straggly pieces of paper can be left dangling for the next person to deal with.  Dangly pieces of toilet paper cause the weight of the roll to be off balance and could cause undue stress on the roll holder, which leads to undue stress on the wall, which means the wall could fall off the house.  Or something.
 even I'm not *that* obsessive

  • When the blinds are closed they must be straight and the entire bottom must touch the window sill.  No wonky, off kilter blinds are allowed.  Wonky or off kilter blinds have the same effect as dangly toilet paper.  Walls fall off houses.  Or something.

  • When leaving the laundry room, the light switch next to the door entering the house (as opposed to the switch next to the door going into the garage) must be in a position to match the light's state.  If the light is on, the switch must be in the up, or "on" position; if the light is off the switch must be in the down, or "off" position.  If the switch is not in the proper position, when switched on or off, the light will become confused and get all strobe-y on me which could lead to seizures.  Or something.

  • Books in the book cases are sorted tallest to shortest working from the outside of the case to the inside.  There really aren't any dire consequences of this that I'm aware of; it just "is."  Or something.
There are probably many more but I'm not going to obsess about remembering them.  There are folks out there who will only be too happy to remind me of them.  Probably on a recurring basis too.