01 October 2010

small world

Isn't it amazing how the internet makes the world so much smaller?

A bit of history on moi.

Born in Ruidoso, NM which is ~20 miles from where I
Lived in Mescalero, NM which is ~40 miles from where I
Shopped, hung out, and cruised frequently in Alamogordo, NM which is~580 miles from where I
Ended up in Longmont, CO


Today I was reading "The Meanest Mom" blog about the reason they were "stuck" in Philadelphia.  (Have a box of tissues handy if you decide to read yesterday's post.)

Reading the comments, a woman commented that she was, "feeling very stuck in Alamogordo, New Mexico..."  Because she was from my "home" area and I'm the curious type, I clicked on her link and was taken to Darcey's blog.  (She creates some really cool cookies!)

Scrolling through her blog I found a link for "additional pictures" which took me to her Facebook page with photos of her creations; I especially like the sad faced Gingerbread Man with the missing foot.

Remember I'm curious?  I clicked on her profile link to see more about her and saw that her hometown is Longmont, CO.

Through the power of the internet, I discovered a woman who grew up in the town where I now live who is living in the town where I used to play.  Pretty cool huh?

Chin up Darcey, Alamogordo, NM is not the worst place to be, and the reason you're there may be to make people like me smile on how we may think the world is huge and vast and there are no connections, when in fact there are.  I don't know you personally, but I want you to know you made me smile.