28 August 2009

Bikes & Bugs; both start with "b" and end with "splat"

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope your week started off much better than mine; granted mine wasn't as bad as the guy on the bike, but it shook me up just the same.

If you ride a bike, follow the rules of the road. I drive a big ol' honkin' SUV and when it comes down to it, my car will squish you like a bug. Flat. Pancake. Smooshed. Squished. Splat. You get the picture, and it ain't pretty is it?

isn't pretty, is it?

Now I'm not saying I have anything against bike riders. I don't. The folks in cars that don't follow the rules annoy me as much as the folks on bikes that don't follow the rules. Only difference is, the odds of someone on a bike surviving a run in with my car, are considerably slimmer than someone in a car. However, I am saying this, if you follow the rules of the road then we have no quarrel. You ride downhill at an uncontrollable speed and run a stop sign like the yahoo this morning did *and* make me test out my anti lock braking system (it works quite nicely, thank you) then we have issues.

The look on that kid's face when he saw this big, black machine with a shiny chrome grill that resembles sharp pointy teeth screeching to a stop inches away from his head-phoned clad face was one I hope to never see again. Although, I will take that look over blood and guts any day. I'm not sure if he ever heard the horn, since he had his headphones superglued to his ears. I'm guessing not.

I can only hope he will pay attention to speed limits, traffic signs & signals, and other road rules. The cynic in me says he won't. Then again, after seeing his short life playing across the shiny grill, maybe he'll be a little more cognizant of his driving/riding habits. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is that *I* pay attention!

So, here's hoping we all have a safe week ahead!

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  1. They make me crazy, those bikers. I had a couple the other day who were riding side-by-side so one was out of the bike lane and in the road. Guessing maybe he wasn't aware how far into the road he really was, I just *tapped* my horn (didn't blare it, even though I wanted to) - and got the finger for my trouble.


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