09 December 2010

a year's worth of reflection

Whoa!  Another year almost gone.

Do you remember when your parents told you, "Just you wait, when you get older time will fly by!"  And you thought they were full of it?  I do.  Why are parents always right?

Anywhoooo that was not the point of this post.  Actually I thought I would make a list of things I learned this past year.  Some are life lessons, some are trivia, some are self revelations, and some are just cause I can.  Ha!

So let the review session begin!

  • Even the smallest, teeniest, tiniest bite of KFC chicken will wreak havoc on a large dog's digestive system.  This will require the replacement of rugs.  On our next picnic we will be sure to take dog treats.
  • The generalization that car dealerships are only out to screw you and try to fix things that aren't broken and not fix things that are so you have to keep going back are true.  Find a reputable mechanic not associated with a dealership.  You'll be much happier.  Trust me on this.
  • Stop signs, stop lights, turn signals, and using the left lane strictly for passing applies only to me.  Everyone else is exempt, including bicycles.  Feel free to read, text, eat, nap, etc. while driving.  I'll do my best to avoid colliding with you, but not as a favor to you.  I just don't want my day jacked up.  Be forewarned, if I buy a "beater" car all bets are off and it'll be demolition derby time.  BOOGIDY BOOGIDY BOOGIDY!
  • Even though my daughter is a "grown up" by society's standards, she will always be my "little one" and I will always be in "mom" mode.  Sorry Heather but that's just the way it is.
  • A person may occupy a certain position (as in job), but that does not mean they deserve to.
  • We need to do more camping and not let the summer get away with us.
  • Sometimes you just gotta let it go.  However letting go, isn't the same as forgetting and if negative actions are repeated, it may result in consequences.
  • There will always be idiots in Yellowstone National Park begging to be proof of Darwin's theory Survival of the Fittest.  Anyone for cruising through a herd of bison during rut in a small convertible car that makes a low pitched rumbling sound when accelerating?  How about running up to a grizzly sow and her two cubs and sticking a camera in their faces?  Why not go off the boardwalk and stroll up to a thermal feature and lean over and stick your head in for a better look?
  • Lindsay Lohan is a drunken reprobate.  Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, and Jesse James aren't much better.
  • A town in Colorado has an annual festival celebrating a headless chicken.  Maybe I'll go next year.  I hear they serve fried chicken.  The dogs will be disappointed they won't be offered any.  The carpets will be happy about that.
  • I should have made better attempts in the past to go to Jimmy Buffett shows.  This will be rectified.
  • I would rather have a few close friends than a boatload of superficial friends.
  • When renting a car, go for a mid size or larger if you want to get up to highway speeds within an hour of entering the highway.  During a trip to Arizona over the summer, I went cheap and got a "compact" car.  It was basically a roller skate with a gas tank.  While we didn't get anywhere very fast, Heather and I did laugh a lot at how ludicrous it was to even refer to what we rented as a "car."
  • It is not necessary, and in fact is very annoying, to use the word "like" and the question "you know?" every other word during the course of a conversation.   Like If I like knew, I wouldn't be like, asking, like you know?
  • I really do like my job and my boss.
  • Having dogs really does change your lifestyle and habits.  No last minute weekend getaways for me, but that's OK.  I love The Girls and wouldn't change a thing.  Well maybe I'd change the whole chicken/carpet thing.
  • Snorting while laughing in public only makes you laugh harder.  And it's exacerbated by the type of food or drink you are consuming at the time.  Snorting carbonated beverages hurts.  A lot.

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