03 September 2009

Cars can make you appear younger - or older.

Did you know a car can affect how old you look?  I didn't.  Apparently somebody, somewhere did a study.  Probably grant funded at that.  Why can't I think of this kind of stuff??

In any event I managed to take 19 years off my real age by driving a 2001 Nissan Xterra.

it'll make you look 28

The Xterra "casts a rugged strong look, like a weathered face that has snowboarded down many mountains."  The "age" of someone driving an Xterra?  28.  Perhaps it's really 20, but that whole "snowboarded down many mountains" thing may have "weathered" the face a bit too much.  In any event for a week or so, I went from 47 to 28.

However, after driving the Xterra to Wyoming and back, it became very obvious to me that I was not 28, and I didn't have the body of a 28 year old, and I didn't like bouncing down the road like a ping pong ball.  Sorry, it may be rugged and tough and all that, but it sure isn't comfortable on 47 year old bones.  Not to mention I like my cars to actually have power.  When I push on the accelerator, it should accelerate.  The Xterra just made a lot of noise to give you the impression you were actually moving.  Maybe that's their way of making it "fuel efficient."

So, I traded the Xterra in and gained six years back.  I bought a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.

 this one makes you look 34

This particular car sets my age at 34.  Not bad, actually.  I could deal with being 34 again.  Although, there's a bunch of stuff that's happened in the past 13 years, I'd rather not repeat, so I'll just settle for the "illusion" of being 34.  They didn't offer any super exciting description of Grand Cherokees.  Guess they aren't "weathered" or "rugged" or whatever.  It was described as "polished."  I can do polished.  Polished is good.  Polished is mature.  Polished is classy.


  1. Yeah, I would prefer the Cherokee. I like cars with power as well...

    And to be honest, I wouldn't wanna repeat that past 13 years either >< But for my own reasons. Save for the good stuff, the good stuff is fine!

  2. I'm afraid to ask how old a mini van makes me. Carol E.


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