04 August 2009

Pet Peeves and Pet Pleasures

Driving into work this morning I was thinking about various and sundry things that have caused me heartburn over the past few weeks. Pet peeves. Irritants. Annoyances. Thinking it might help me untwist my knickers, I'm going to list some of them. In order to keep the cosmos in balance, I'll follow with a list of things that have brought a smile to my face as well. Pleasures. Joys. Delights. In no particular order and not directed at any one person, place, or thing.

People who drive right at or under the speed limit in the left hand passing lane on a road that clearly states, "Use Right Lane Except to Pass."


Liars. Even if you don't think it's a big deal, believe me, it's a big deal.

People asking "Can I....?" Ummm... I don't know "can" you? Are you physically able? Emotionally able?

People asking "Where is at?" It's before the "at."

Servers who refer to everyone in the group as "guys." As in, "How are you guys doing today?" I'm not a guy. Heather's not a guy. Laura's not a guy. Generally there isn't a "guy" sitting with us, with the possible exception of Ted and that's not very often.

People who make a mess and don't clean it up, and when asked to clean up the mess, respond, "What mess? I don't see anything." In addition to having selective hearing, apparently there are some people who have selective sight.

People who don't pick up their feet and shuffle as they walk.

Clerks who pretend they don't see you when you are obviously wanting help in finding something.

Hearing "like" and "you know" every third word. Ummm... Like I don't know; that's why I'm asking. like you know?

Bicyclists that run stop signs and red lights and flip *me* off when I slam on the brakes to come to a screeching halt in order not to have their spandex clad body smeared all over the front of my car.

Now for the things that have made me smile.

Watching Izzy and Willa sleep on/in their kitty condo in the sun.

Seeing the pretty yellow birds eating seeds out my flower garden and drinking out of my water fountain.

Smelling fresh cut grass.

Blue skies.

Seeing Heather rocking out to Aerosmith. I can't tell you just how cool I think it is that she doesn't think I'm a total dork mom and actually *likes* to do things with me.

Even though it's been hot in my bedroom, Doe snuggling up next to me in the middle of the night and purring.

Hearing "please" and "thank you" from people younger than me.

Heather and me washing our cars together and "accidentally" spraying each other.

Ted cooking dinner.

Christopher & Molly getting engaged.

Planning three day weekend getaways with Laura.

An ice cold beer on a really hot afternoon.

Knowing it's MY house.

Getting Sunset Western Garden book, so I can plan my garden for next year.

Until the next go 'round Slán libh!


  1. I must really, like, irritate you. Glad I was also involved in some smiles, though. :)

  2. You don't say "like" all that much, or if you do, not enough that I noticed. :)

  3. I like youe likes and I agree with your dislikes,---- most of them, not quite sure about disliking people going the speed limit even in the left lane.

  4. Well, if they're going the speed limit in the left lane and actually passing people in the right lane, that's one thing. However, most of them tend to just hang out there. Maybe they think it's their duty to keep other drivers from going over the speed limit.

  5. You mean it is not my duty to keep other people going the speed limit? Oh, darn. I thought it was....................


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